Relocation of Digital specialists

The topic of relocation of IT workers to other countries has become an urgent issue. Thus, South Dakota is one of the first US states to welcome Digital specialists from Ukraine, allowing them to continue their business and rapidly broaden their horizons.

After moving to South Dakota, a refugee can open a bank account in the United States and receive fees  with zero state tax.

Join our program if you are considering temporary relocation or permanent residency in the United States for yourself and your family.

Assistance in adaptation

Local authorities and residents are ready to provide you with any support, from legal advice to general everyday advice, to help you adapt easier. 

Expanding opportunities

South Dakota has many local companies from different industries that need your digital services.

Saving time

Participating in our program will save time in obtaining a visa for up to 2 years under the U4U Simplified Refugee Program.

Due to its unique combination of portability factors, South Dakota may be the best place for Ukrainian digital professionals to relocate. Here are some benefits to consider:
You can continue to work remotely while living in South Dakota.
Cost of living. The average family income in South Dakota is comparable to the salary of a software engineer in Ukraine. So, you will feel good with your existing salary.
Healthcare system. You and your family get access to the best healthcare system in the world, including emergency and planned services.
Everyone in South Dakota speaks English, so communication won't be a barrier. English courses are also available for you and your family members.
South Dakota offers low taxes, with a 0% state tax rate. 
You can open a local bank account/company in the state and receive payment for your remote job.
Safety. South Dakota is one of the safest states in the US, with a very low crime rate.  
The people are friendly and the demographics are similar to those in Ukraine. 
The climate is also similar, with snowy winters.
Business opportunities. In South Dakota, you can continue working remotely at your current job, but there are also opportunities to provide digital services to local businesses in need of experts.
The competition is less intense in South Dakota.
Permanent relocation. State may help find an employer willing to sponsor for Green Card.
The South Dakota economy is one of the fastest growing in the US, with a high demand for service businesses such as beauty salons, providing excellent business opportunities.
Your children can attend school for free in South Dakota. 

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